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Tips for a Fuss-free Business Stay in Singapore


Whether you’re going on a last-minute business stay in Singapore, or a 3-day conference abroad, packing for business travel is always a little different than packing for a fun vacation.

To make it easier for you, here are 5 nifty tips we learned from our guests to make planning for your business trip a breeze


1.  Have A Go-to Luggage 

Having a go-to piece of luggage means that there’s one less thing to think about when you’re getting ready for a trip. 

It’s also extra handy to have a set of go-to toiletries stored in sample size bottles (100ml) in a water-proof bag and a couple of ziplock bags packed.


2. Think Tetris When You’re Packing Your Luggage

I.e. fill up every inch of space with something.

Roll your clothes to maximise space and pack them into your bags. Fill your socks in empty shoes (it helps keep their shape too!). If you like to compartmentalise your luggage, use packing cubes.

Don’t worry about wrinkling your clothes as you squeeze them into bags. We provide an iron and board in every room. And if you wanna look extra sharp with our help, there’s laundry service available (at a charge) too!


3. Join a Loyalty Rewards Programme

Loyalty programmes such as I Prefer Hotel Rewards allow you to get extra perks (such as free WIFI and free upgrades*) and earn points for your stay to redeem vouchers for free vacations at other participating hotels around the world.

Your company may be the one footing the bill for your business trip but there’s no reason why you can’t earn more money points for your buck from it!


4. A Capsule Wardrobe’s The Way To Go

You can look chic (or suave!) even when you’re on the road!

The general rule of thumb is to choose versatile pieces of a similar colour palette, so you can easily mix and match the items. Besides a light suitcase, a capsule wardrobe also means that you won’t be overwhelmed with options and can easily pick out your outfit for the day!


5. Create A Packing List

Passport? Check! Laptop? Check! Toothbrush? Got it! Don’t scramble and leave stuff out when you’re in a rush.

Get your bases covered by prepping a list of things you’ll need for your trip. If you’re lazy to create a list, we’ve got one ready for you to thank you for reading till the end of this post!

Download the checklist


P.S. We struck off travel adaptor and pocket WIFI because the wall sockets in our rooms come with built-in USB sockets and adapters and all guests enjoy unlimited mobile data via the pocket WIFI devices in the rooms so you can stay connected always.)


P.P.S. It’s also always helpful to have a pen on hand!

Planning for your next business stay in Singapore?

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