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5 Tips to Achieving a Great Place to Work (that actually work!)

Look here, job seekers! There are good workplaces and there are great workplaces. For Royal Plaza on Scotts, “Good is never good enough.” Great Place to Work celebrates the great workplace cultures through a culture audit that looks into best practices, employee engagement and what makes happy employees. 


How did Royal Plaza on Scotts become the best company to work for in Singapore? We’re so glad you asked! Here are our secret key ingredients to become the best workplace in Singapore for our Chief Experience Officers (CEOs). Yes, all of our talents are referred to as CEOs as everyone has a key role to play in orchestrating guest experiences!


1. We Really Listen. 

Open communication starts from the top. Communication effects change and that leads to making the right decisions to benefit everyone. All levels of our management, right up to our General Manager (whom we endearingly address on a first-name basis, Patrick), have an always-open door policy. Quarterly feedback sessions are held with intimate groups of CEOs and Patrick over high tea at our award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel. Every CEO has the assurance that their voices are heard.


2. We Listen and We Act Fast!

At times, changes can happen as soon as the next day! For example, our CEO enjoys a 24-hour gym (with shower facilities) and full salad bar at the CEO restaurant as they look forward to a healthier lifestyle at work. It goes without saying, that CEOs feel taken care of when the management acts on their suggestions quickly.


3. Out with the old ways, Trust and Respect is in!
Trust and respect is the ultimate ingredient of our company’s success. We have done away with the old standards of clock-in and clockout and medical certificate submissions (such a bore!). Those standard industry practices that have been eliminated because the organisation trusts and respects all CEOs (it’s part of our Employee Value Proposition or should we say CEO Value Proposition)!


4. Be Agile and Flexible
Our human capital practices are constantly evolving simply because the needs of the CEOs and organisation are ever-changing. For example, Flexible Work Arrangement benefits, cross exposure and multi-skilling initiatives. These initiatives have benefited CEOs through the years as they develop their skills and talents with the company.


5. Give Empowerment to CEOs to Perform
Driven by our organisation’s latest brand promise and values aptly called, C.O.L.O.U.R.S, CEOs are motivated and passionate to deliver our best. We are empowered to be Creative at work and Own every Opportunity to delight guests with Lovable, Unexpected, Real and Sincere experiences.



About Royal Plaza on Scotts


Royal Plaza on Scotts (RP) is Singapore’s Best Workplace! The hotel has risen through the ranks since the hotel’s first participation in 2016 at sixth place, 2017 at third place, 2018 at second place and finally emerged at the top the list of Medium & Large Organisations this year. The award was presented to the hotel at Great Place to Work Awards 2019 for Singapore.

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