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Stay Home Mother’s Day Ideas


It’s that special day of the year to celebrate the #queens of our hearts! Here are 5 ways you can stay home and celebrate Mother’s Day regardless of whether you’re spending the day together or apart.


1. Tour the prettiest gardens and museums from your sofa

Take a stroll through some of the world’s greatest gardens and museums from the comfort of your sofa! Here are some of our favourites:



The Garden of Versailles, Paris, France

One of the most iconic French gardens in the world and one of the most visited public sites in France, the garden receives over six million visitors a year.

Kew Gardens, London, UK

Fun fact: The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew is a UNESCO world heritage site that contains the world’s largest collection of plants.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens, New York, USA

Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the renowned landscape architect behind New York’s Central Park, the Buffalo Botanic Gardens is one of the USA’s oldest botanical gardens.



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Access all six floors of one of Korea’s popular museums! 

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

View over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 personal letters of the ingenious painter “up close”. 

Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

Scroll through a gallery of famous works of French artists including Cézanne, Monet, and Gauguin, among others.


2. Create a virtual photo album

Reminiscence the good ‘ol days together. Plus, this virtual digital album is an earth-friendly option too!


3. Cook Mum a meal 

Serve her breakfast in bed or spend some time whipping up a meal together. If you’re not staying with Mum, surprise her with a Mother’s Day meal delivery.


4. Treat Mum to an at-home facial (or manicure!)

Prepare a soothing face mask, freshly-trimmed nails and a fresh coat of nail polish for the queen! 


Bonus: Get a scented candle and put on some relaxing tunes to set the mood. 


5. Host a virtual games or movie night

If you’re not staying with Mum, host an online game of bingo, (pictionary) or if you want an option that combines skype/face time with party games, try out the mobile app, House Party. There are in-app games such as Heads Up (virtual charades) and trivia games!


If Mum’s a movie buff, get a Netflix account, and have her download the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension – it synchronises video playback and there’s a chat function. 


Thank You Mummy Dearest

At the end of the day, no matter the activity planned, we just want Mummy to know that we planned it with love. Happy Mother’s Day to all you superwomen from all of us at Royal Plaza on Scotts! 

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