Royal Plaza on Scotts

New Rouge Deluxe Rooms

A picture paints a thousand words. So, we’re going easy on the text and diving straight into the visuals as we bring you on a interior design journey of Royal Plaza on Scotts’ new deluxe rooms.


The room’s colour palette is dominated by earthy hues of mocha and stone to create a relaxing atmosphere the moment you enter the room.


The neutral tones are echoed throughout the space – from the curtains, walls to the furniture –

– contrasting the pop of rouge in the sofa upholstery and carpet


Wood accents in the tucked-away closet introduce clean lines and crisp finishes



Soft ceiling lights illuminate the room while creating a warm inviting ambience –

Textured surfaces gives the room an edge while maintaining the minimalist vibe


Wall pieces of Singapore’s old shophouses add a nostalgic yet contemporary graphic element to the scheme

Leave your bulky travel adapters at home! Every room has at least three USB wall sockets to charge your electronic devices.


A steaming rain shower and rejuvenating citrus soaps for an incredible shower experience –

Why choose between comfort and aesthetics when you can have both?


– End –


We’ll be bringing you along our makeover journey with more interior design walk-throughs around our hotel. If there’s something you’re particularly interested in learning more about, give us a shout via Facebook or Instagram  – we’d love to hear from you.

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