Royal Plaza on Scotts

A Decade’s Worth of Singapore Grand Prix Celebrations

Fasten your seat belts and race down the memory lane of Royal Plaza on Scotts’ spectacular Singapore Grand Prix celebrations over the decade.

2008 – Ooh lala… Chocolah

Doesn’t it feel like our life-sized race chocolate race car would fit into the film set of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory perfectly?


2009 – Bread Torque!

Expressing our loave (see what we did there!) for the season with bread – 1,000 loaves to be precise – and even set the record for having the largest sculpture made of bread in Singapore!


2010 – Formula Art in Motion

In collaboration with Gallery Nawei, we used the Grand Prix season as an opportunity to support the arts with a pop-up exhibition along the hotel’s lobby.


2011 – Vroom Vroom Macaron!

Our macaron-coated race car was a sweet treat for the eyes and a hit with our guests!


2013 – Pasta Pronto

Since our diners at Carousel loved pasta so much, we decided to pay tribute to this beautiful carbohydrate and constructed a car of pasta!


2014 – Shell Out for Charity

We took our race car model to new heights and covered it with 14,880 seashells – our seashell car was also first to be created in the world!


2015 – Kopi GP

We put the used Nespresso gourmet coffee capsules to good use, and used it to decorate our car!


2016 – Cap-ture the Excitement!

Capturing the race season excitement and paying homage to Singapore’s National colours – red and white – with our race car! Go Team!


2017 – Power Up the Race

Besides using recycled materials to decorate our car and raise awareness for recycling, we also added an electrifying spin to our car that year – guests were able to spin a hand wheel electricity generator and watch our car light up in front of their eyes!


2018 – Let’s Shellabrate!

We’ve got to admit – this year’s race car is one of our favourites! We’re painting the town red and shellabrating the season with our race car all decked out in fiery red crab and lobster shells.

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