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Welcome to Royal Plaza on Scotts.

In this directory, we put together some information we hope will be useful for your stay with us. If you require further assistance (or if you just want to chat with our friendly associates!), dial Ext 0 and let us know what we can do for you.

We look forward to creating a colourful experience for your stay with us at Royal Plaza on Scotts!

Restaurant & Bar

Carousel Restaurant

Lobby Level

Please dial ext. 7799 for assistance


Hop on for a whirlwind gastronomic adventure around the world at the newly-renovated award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel.


Dive straight into the ocean’s fresh catches at Carousel’s renowned seafood station, with an impressive spread of up to 13 varieties, including lobsters and oysters, dig into flavourful 24-hour marinated Brazilian Churrasco fresh off the grill, and other cuisines including a Salad Bar with Halal Cheeses, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian and more! At Carousel, there’s certainly something for everyone.


After you’ve had your fill of mains, get your desserts with a healthy dose of vitamins at Carousel’s Garden Desserts station, where garden ingredients including beetroot, coriander, rhubarb and more are incorporated into sweet treats such as tarts and cakes.


Carousel’s premium ice-cream is a must-try – Especially flavours with a local twist such as Kaya Toast, Chendol and Salted Egg Yolk!


Be mesmerised by the enormous spread of seafood and expect succulent and tender flesh. Savour the rotisserie where the allure of delicious aromas, the sizzle and the dancing flames are enough to whet anyone’s appetite.




Scotts Lounge-Bar

Level 2


The 26-seater Scotts Lounge-Bar is the place to unwind with a drink or two. Take your pick from a selection of premium beverages. Sit back and relax in this cosy space for some after-work downtime or for an intimate conversation with your pals.


Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 6pm – 10pm


In-Room Dining Menu

Who Wants A Bite?

Please dial ext. 2 for assistance.




Selection of Toast




Plain, whole wheat or rye toast


Choice of Bakery Basket 7 10
Danish pastries, croissants, brioches or muffins


(2 pcs) (3 pcs)
Choice of Oats or Cereal 11
Oatmeal porridge (Warm)

Corn flakes, koko krunch, rice krispies, all bran, frosted flakes Swiss bircher muesli


Choice of Waffles or Pancakes 16
Served with hazelnut butter and Canadian maple syrup


Natural or Fruit-flavoured Yogurt 10
Choice of natural, strawberry, blueberry or raspberry


Freshly-cut Fruits 12
Watermelon, pineapple, papaya or mixed fruit platter



Omelette 21
Choice of turkey ham, cheese, tomatoes or mushrooms


Two Farm Fresh Eggs, Any Style 20
Served with choice of turkey ham, beef bacon, hash brown or chicken sausage


Nasi Lemak 29
Coconut-flavoured rice served with fried fish, otak-otak, prawns, deep-fried chicken, egg, peanuts, ikan bilis and sambal chilli


Chinese Wanton Noodles 26
Egg noodles served with barbecued chicken, boiled chicken wanton and vegetables in dark soy sauce or clear chicken soup


Chicken Congee 25
Served with ginger, spring onions, fried shallots, and Chinese crullers


Roti Prata 20
Served with vegetable dhal curry



Classic Caesar Salad      

Crispy romaine lettuce with beef bacon, herb croutons and

freshly-grated parmesan cheese tossed in caesar dressing



With additional chicken or salmon toppings









Lobster Bisque 20
Smooth and creamy lobster soup with lobster rillette and truffle milk foam


Vegetable Minestrone 20
Rustic Italian soup with pasta and beans






Soup of the Day 20


Classic Beef Burger
Toasted sesame bun, beef patty, pickled salad, and sweet relish

Served with french fries

With additional cheese




Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich 28
Ciabatta with crispy breaded chicken, guacamole and tomato salsa Served with pickled salad and French fries


Club Sandwich 25
Triple-decker club sandwich with smoked salmon, crisp bacon, chicken, and egg

Served with pickled salad and french fries


Beef Sirloin Steak 38
Grilled beef sirloin steak with choice of peppercorn sauce, mushroom sauce or béarnaise sauce

Served with french fries and seasonal vegetables


Butter-glazed Cod Fish 38
Pan-fried cod fillet and tomato relish with curry coconut cream Served with green pea mash and seasonal vegetables


Charmoula Fried Chicken 35
Crispy fried spring chicken with barbecue sauce and honey mustard

Served with French fries and pickled salad


Fish and Chips 34
Deep-fried crispy dory fillet served with French fries, pickled salad, lemon wedge, and tartar sauce


Hainanese Chicken Rice 29
Tender boiled chicken with fragrant jasmine rice and soup accompanied with homemade chilli sauce, minced ginger, and dark soy sauce


Nasi Goreng Istimewa 29
Onion sambal fried rice served with crispy mid-wing, sambal prawns, chicken satay with peanut sauce, achar and prawn crackers


Nasi Lemak 29
Fragrant coconut-flavoured rice served with otah-otah, prawns, fried chicken, egg rolls, peanuts, ikan bilis and sambal chilli


Crayfish Hor Fun 28
Wok-fried flat noodles with green vegetables in black pepper sauce


Seafood Mee Goreng 28
Wok-fried yellow noodles with assorted seafood and vegetables


Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon 28
Wok-fried vermicelli with assorted vegetables, mushrooms, and crispy vegetarian goose


Singapore Laksa 28
Thick rice vermicelli with fresh prawns, fish cake and bean sprouts served in spicy shrimp gravy enriched with coconut milk


Penne Arrabbiata 24
Pasta in basil and spicy tomato sauce with parmesan cheese


Fresh Fruit Platter 15
An assortment of tropical fresh-cut fruits


Classic Crème Brûlée 15
Rich custard with caramelised sugar topping, seasonal berries, and fruit coulis


Bread and Butter Pudding 15
Served with vanilla sauce


New York Cheesecake 15
Rich and creamy cheesecake with wild berries compote


Soft Drinks 7
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Soda, Tonic


Chilled Juices 8
Orange, Mango, Cloudy Apple, Lime, Cranberry, Fruit Punch


Beers 13
Asahi, Tiger, Heineken, Corona


Spirits 14
Johnnie Walker Black, Wyborowa, Beefeater, Bacardi Superior (White), Jim Beam












Laurent Perrier NV


19 85
Crémant De Bourgogne






House Wines








Tea 8
English Breakfast, Chamomile, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Jasmine Green Tea


Coffee 9
Coffee, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Espresso


Chocolate 9
Guest Information & Services


Internet Lounge
Welcome to your workstation in Singapore. (Computers included!) Enjoy a hot cuppa while taking of your business.


Operating Hours: Open 24 hours daily


You know what they about ‘all work and no workout’. (Wait, is that something that people say?) Our gym features a range of computerised fitness equipment for you to get fit with!


Operating Hours: 24 hours daily


Pillow Menu Ext 0
King-size feather pillows and fibre-filled pillows are available in every guestroom. Firm latex foam pillows are available upon request.


Please call the operator for assistance.


Safe Deposit Box
An electronic safe is available in every guestroom.


Babysitting / Playpens Ext 5
Visiting with the young ones? Babysitting services with qualified nannies can be arranged at least four hours in advance. Charges and fees apply.


Playpens can be arranged at no extra cost (subject to availability).


Loyalty Programme
Learn about our loyalty programme, I Prefer Hotel Rewards and enjoy the perks of being our privileged guests here: link.


Doctor Ext 0
You’re in good hands at Royal Plaza on Scotts. A 24-hour doctor is on call. Mount Elizabeth Hospital is the nearest hospital which is a 5-minute drive away.


Concierge Ext 3
Your guide to a colourful stay.


Approach the Front Desk and bellmen for assistance with luggage, baggage storage, postal services, tours, and taxi bookings.


Room Service Ext 2
Breakfast in bed or a late-night snack? Don’t mind if we do!


Operating Hours: 6am to 11pm daily

(limited menu available from 11pm to 6am)


Power Supply
Adaptors and transformers are available. The hotel operates on 220 volts at 50 cycles. The 110/220 volt outlet in the bathroom is to be used for electric razors only.


International Telephone Calls Ext 0
International direct dialing (IDD) is available from the telephone in your room. Simply touch “9”, followed by 008, country and area codes and then the desired number. To find out country and area codes, please call the Communication Centre at Ext 0 for assistance.


CHARGES – Please call the Operator at Ext 0 for tariff rates. Phone charges are based on duration and destination.


Home Country Direct Calls Ext 0
Press “9”, followed by 8000 and the country code you are calling. All calls are charged at a flat rate of $2.50 per call. Please call Operator at Ext 0 for country code.


Local Calls
Press “9”, followed by the local telephone number. All local calls are complimentary.


For room-to-room calls, press “8” followed by the room number.


When the message waiting for light is lit, you may retrieve your message via voicemail by touching the memory button – A message for you. Alternatively, you may contact the Communication Centre at Ext 0 for assistance.


Wake Me Up Calls Ext 0
Please contact the Communication Centre for assistance.


Recycling Programme
Do your part for the environment and join us in our recycling efforts for a greener Earth. Recycling bins for glass, cans, plastic, and paper are available outside the main entrance.


We seek your kind participation and support.


Fire Safety

Fire Safety


Your guestroom is fitted with an automated sprinkler and a warning alarm system. In order to prevent creating fire hazards:


  • Do not hang clothing items on the standing lamp or sprinkler head to dry them.
  • Do not light candles or incense in the room.


In the unlikely event of fire, please refrain from using the elevators.The emergency exit plan is located behind the guestroom’s main door. Three emergency exits are also located on every floor.


Detecting Fire


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm by breaking the manual call point located along the corridor.
  • If possible, immediately contact the Fire Command Centre at Ext 7999 to report the emergency.
  • Fight only small fires, using a fire extinguisher or fire hose reel by aiming at the base of the fire.
  • Fire extinguisher and fire hose reel are located along the corridor outside your room.
  • If possible, leave the building via the emergency exit.




In the event of an evacuation, the elevators will immediately return to the ground level and remain there until the premises are secured. Please listen to the announcement over the public address system and keep in mind the points below:


  • Take your guestroom’s key card with you as you will need to regain access later.
  • Test the temperature of the door with your hand prior to opening. Shut the door quickly if there is smoke in the hallway.
  • If the hallway is clear of smoke or fire, proceed to the nearest emergency exit. If the hallway is smoky or dark, stay near the walls as you move. Stay close to the ground and look out for ‘Exit’ signs.
  • Do not attempt to pack your belongings. Time is precious and your safety is important.
  • Leave the building via the fire escape staircase and proceed to the assembly area which is located at the driveway of a building adjacent to the hotel. Please refer to the site plan on the next page.


If you are unable to evacuate your guestroom in the event of a fire:


  • Stuff a wet towel beneath the door to prevent smoke from seeping in.
  • Contact the Fire Command Centre at Ext 7999 to inform your location.
  • Turn off all the air-conditioning.
  • Fill your bathtub with water. Keep plenty of water in the tub and use the waste bin nearby to carry water when necessary.
  • If smoke enters the guestroom, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel.
FAQ on Pocket WIFI

Do I have to enter credit card details to use the free mobile data?

Yes. The credit card details are held securely by Yogofi as a guarantee against damage or loss of the device. Please read the terms and conditions of use before agreeing to the usage.
How much is it for damaged or lost devices and/or accessories? How will I get charged?

A damaged or missing pocket WIFI is chargeable at S$200, USB cable at S$20 and power adaptor at S$20. The charge will be processed by Yogofi through the credit card, which was provided upon registration of your Follow Jane account.
How long can the battery life last for the pocket WIFI?

On a full charge, it can last up to 15 hours.
How many devices can I connect to the device?

You can connect up to 5 devices at one time. After a one-time registration, the password for the device will be revealed in the app. Use the same password to connect your other devices.
How can I check my daily usage?

You can access the information under Data Usage in the Follow Jane app.
I’m worried about running out of the daily 500MB high-speed data. What can I do?

The 500MB of high-speed data quota is refreshed every day at 12 am (SGT). 500MB daily is good for common usage of way-finding, social media and messaging apps. Do note that websites with heavy media content will utilise more data.When you are back in the hotel, press and hold the power button on the side of your pocket WIFI to turn it off and connect to the hotel’s WIFI instead. It’s all brought to you free by Royal Plaza on Scotts so you are always connected.
What happens if I run out of the 500MB daily data?

Your data is unlimited! 500MB is on high speed. When the quota is fully utilised, you can still access the internet at a slower speed. If you would like to continue the usage on high speed, click “Need more data?” in the Follow Jane app to upgrade. Additional high-speed data is available at S$3 for 1GB. The additional high-speed data plan will expire at 11.59 pm (SGT) on the same day.
Do I have to end the plan?
It is recommended that you click end plan in Follow Jane app when you are not using it anymore.
If I am making a day trip, will the mobile data still work?

Most likely! Our pocket WIFI partner, Yogofi has global coverage in our neighbouring countries and up to 50 countries covering Asia, Europe, Oceania regions.
Is there a contact I can reach for any other enquiries?

Click on the Whatsapp or email icon in the Follow Jane app to reach Yogofi support team who is online 20 hours a day.
Where do I leave my pocket WIFI when I check out?

You should leave it in the charging stand in the room.