Royal Plaza on Scotts

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Welcome to Royal Plaza on Scotts

In this directory, we put together some information we hope will be useful for your stay with us. If you require further assistance (or chit chat with our friendly associates!), dial Ext 0 and let us know what we can do for you.

We look forward to creating a colourful experience for your stay with us at Royal Plaza on Scotts!

Guest Information & Services
Carousel Buffet Restaurant Ext 2
Bring your tastebuds on an adventure around the world at the hotel’s award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel! Learn more here.


Room Service Ext 2
Dig into flavourful dishes in the comfort of your room. View our room service menu via this link. To place your orders, please dial Ext 2.


Hotel Facilities & Services
Whether you want to take a dip in our outdoor pool or get some work done in the Internet Lounge, stay comfortable and contacted at Royal Plaza on Scotts! Get more information here.


Pillow Menu Ext 0
King-size feather pillows and fibre-filled pillows are available in every guestroom. Firm latex foam pillows are available upon request.


Please call the operator for assistance.


Safe Deposit Box
An electronic safe is available in every guestroom.


Loyalty Programme
Learn about our loyalty programme, I Prefer Hotel Rewards and enjoy the perks of being our privileged guests here.


Doctor Ext 0
You’re in good hands at Royal Plaza on Scotts. A 24-hour doctor is on call. Mount Elizabeth Hospital is the nearest hospital which is a 5-minute drive away.


Concierge Ext 3
Your guide to a colourful stay.


Approach the Front Desk and bellmen for assistance with luggage, baggage storage, postal services, tours, and taxi bookings.


Power Supply
Adaptors and transformers are available. The hotel operates on 220 volts at 50 cycles. The 110/220 volt outlet in the bathroom is to be used for electric razors only.


International Telephone Calls Ext 0
International direct dialing (IDD) is available from the telephone in your room. Simply touch “9”, followed by 008, country and area codes and then the desired number. To find out country and area codes, please call the Communication Centre at Ext 0 for assistance.


CHARGES – Please call the Operator at Ext 0 for tariff rates. Phone charges are based on duration and destination.


Home Country Direct Calls Ext 0
Press “9”, followed by 8000 and the country code you are calling. All calls are charged at a flat rate of $2.50 per call. Please call Operator at Ext 0 for country code.


Local Calls
Press “9”, followed by the local telephone number. All local calls are complimentary.


For room-to-room calls, press “8” followed by the room number.


When the message waiting for light is lit, you may retrieve your message via voicemail by touching the memory button – A message for you. Alternatively, you may contact the Communication Centre at Ext 0 for assistance.


Wake Me Up Calls  Ext 0
Please contact the Communication Centre for assistance.


Recycling Programme
Do your part for the environment and join us in our recycling efforts for a greener Earth. Recycling bins for glass, cans, plastic, and paper are available outside the main entrance.


We seek your kind participation and support.



Fire Safety

Fire Safety


Your guestroom is fitted with an automated sprinkler and a warning alarm system. In order to prevent creating fire hazards:


  • Do not hang clothing items on the standing lamp or sprinkler head to dry them.
  • Do not light candles or incense in the room.


In the unlikely event of fire, please refrain from using the elevators.The emergency exit plan is located behind the guestroom’s main door. Three emergency exits are also located on every floor.


Detecting Fire


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm by breaking the manual call point located along the corridor.
  • If possible, immediately contact the Fire Command Centre at Ext 7999 to report the emergency.
  • Fight only small fires, using a fire extinguisher or fire hose reel by aiming at the base of the fire.
  • Fire extinguisher and fire hose reel are located along the corridor outside your room.
  • If possible, leave the building via the emergency exit.




In the event of an evacuation, the elevators will immediately return to the ground level and remain there until the premises are secured. Please listen to the announcement over the public address system and keep in mind the points below:


  • Take your guestroom’s key card with you as you will need to regain access later.
  • Test the temperature of the door with your hand prior to opening. Shut the door quickly if there is smoke in the hallway.
  • If the hallway is clear of smoke or fire, proceed to the nearest emergency exit. If the hallway is smoky or dark, stay near the walls as you move. Stay close to the ground and look out for ‘Exit’ signs.
  • Do not attempt to pack your belongings. Time is precious and your safety is important.
  • Leave the building via the fire escape staircase and proceed to the assembly area which is located at the driveway of a building adjacent to the hotel. Please refer to the site plan on the next page.


If you are unable to evacuate your guestroom in the event of a fire:


  • Stuff a wet towel beneath the door to prevent smoke from seeping in.
  • Contact the Fire Command Centre at Ext 7999 to inform your location.
  • Turn off all the air-conditioning.
  • Fill your bathtub with water. Keep plenty of water in the tub and use the waste bin nearby to carry water when necessary.
  • If smoke enters the guestroom, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel.