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地理位置 史各士皇族酒店

網上訂票的 饭店 在 新加坡


酒店位于乌节路的核心地带,距离乌节地铁站仅 3 分钟步程。乌节路是享誉全球的购物区,亦是新加坡的中心及旅客的必游之地。史各士皇族酒店门外的街道两旁林立着标志性的购物中心、美食餐厅、零售商店和休闲场所,适合各种品位的游客。


前往樟宜国际机场: 约20分钟车程

前往中央商务区(CBD): 约10分钟车程

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T 广场(原为 DFS),远东广场,高岛屋邵氏楼/伊势丹,伟乐坊,诗家董,爱雍·乌节,幸运商业中心,威士玛广场,义安城/高岛屋,百丽宫,罗敏申百货公司,313@Somerset,乌节中央城




Here it is, folks—the best rate for your staycation at Royal Plaza on Scotts. Enjoy up to 17% off room rates when you book direct.


As always, the extras are worth getting excited about. Free mobile WIFI with unlimited data, high-speed WIFI, Nespresso gourmet coffee and our one-of-a-kind Simmons Dream Bed.

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Free cancellation up to before 7 days to arrival!

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Rooms come with packed with essential comforts like two plush Simmons beds and complimentary seamless WIFI connectivity for all. Wake up to a hearty mouth-watering breakfast buffet daily. Personal Nespresso machine with capsules replenished daily for added indulgence.


*Up to 2 adults and 2 children, aged 11 years old and below.


Free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to arrival.

Up to 15% off room rates