Sunshine Yellow Royal Club Premier Rooms Royal Plaza on Scotts

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Sunshine Yellow Royal Club Premier Rooms

A Sneak Peek into Our ButterscotchRoyal Club Premier Rooms

Yellow isn’t just a colour. It’s a mood.

A mood of warmth and brightness.

A mood of energy and optimism.

A mood of sunshine and vacations.

And that’s what we’re all about – and that’s also why we’ve decided to incorporate a vibrant pop of butterscotch in our Royal Club Premier rooms! –


From the vibrant upholstery of the sofa –

– to the artwork hanging behind the bed and splotches on the carpet –


– which is complemented by the soft neutral hues found on the wood cabinetry and contemporary furnishings

Just like our Deluxe and Premier rooms, each Simmons Dream Bed has four fluffy feather and fibre pillows on them

(but if you want firmer pillows, just ask our friendly Chief Experience Officers in the housekeeping department, and they’ll be delighted to deliver them to you)


After a day of being out and about, escape to the Royal Club Lounge on the 15 floor of the hotel

Sip on a lovely cocktail prepared by Rosnah while enjoying the view

(tell her we said “Hi!” if you bump into her at the Royal Club Lounge!)


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