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Treat your team and clients to the best of Carousel, from the comfort of their homes.

Whether it’s to thank your employees for their hard work, or to celebrate a company anniversary or birthday, Carousel has got you covered!

  • – 8 curated menus to choose from
  • – Good for family of 4 to share
  • – Customisable with a note of love from the organisation
  • – Free delivery

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  • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
    Ragout of Lamb with Spring Vegetables and Sun-dried Tomatoes
      Spanish Seafood Stew of Prawns, Clams and Mussels with Vegetables
        Oven-roasted Carrots and Swedes in Chamoula Spices
          Mixed Beans Stew with Sausages and Mushrooms
            Fragrant Saffron Rice
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              Wok-fried Honey Rock Sugar Glazed Chicken
              Spanish Stew of Prawns, Clams and Mussels and Vegetables
              Traditional Sayur Lodeh
              Chinese Fu Yong Egg Omelette
              Nasi Briyani
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              Wok-fried Honey Rock Sugar Glazed Chicken
              Braised Nonya Prawns with Pineapples
              Stir-fried Broccoli with Braised Mushrooms
              Chinese Fu Yong Egg Omelette
              Chinese "Yang Chow" Fried Rice with Shrimps
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              Honey-glazed Veal Ribs with Sesame and Calamansi
              Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Pomelo Sauce
              Stir-fried Eggs and Tomatoes
              Braised Chinese Spinach in Superior Broth
              Kampong-style Fried Rice with Ikan Bilis
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              Traditional Slow-braised Beef Rendang with Desiccated Coconut
              Crispy Fish Fillet Glazed with Lemongrass Sauce
              Sambal Goreng (stir-fried Long Beans, Tempeh and Beancurd)
              Deep-fried Eggs in Masak Lemak Gravy
              Nasi Briyani
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              *Mildly Spicy

              Ayam Masak Merah (Braised Chicken in Tomato Gravy)
              Ikan Assam Pedas (Tamarind Fish with Ladyfingers)
              Traditional Malay Sayur Lodeh (Vegetable Curry with Coconut Milk)
              Telur Penyut Sambal (Sambal Quail Eggs with Beancurd)
              Nasi Tomato
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:

              Sweet & Sour Mock Chicken with Cucumber and Tomatoes
              Wok-fried Oriental Ginger Mock Fish
              Braised Chinese Mushrooms with Broccoli
              Homemade Pipa Tofu
              Vegetarian Fried Rice
            • Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
              Char-grilled Beef Patties with Mushroom Gravy
              Oven-baked Chicken Breasts with Cheese and Bacon Chips
              Oven-roasted Eggplant and Haricot Beans
              Baby Spinach Eggs Frittata
              Romaine Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes with Olive Oil
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