Royal Plaza on Scotts

Pineapple Moments at the Asia MICE Forum 2019

We’re honoured to play host to one of the year’s highly-anticipated corporate events, 2019 Asia MICE Forum by Preferred Hotels & Resorts (PH&R). 


The forum presents global MICE market trends and best practices from senior industry leaders, key clients and participating hotels from all around Asia. In true RP style, the hotel’s event specialists pulled all stops to make this forum unforgettable for all who attended. 


Did you know that the pineapple is a historical symbol of friendship and hospitality? Besides being an icon of PH&R and hospitality, the golden pineapple also symbolises wealth and prosperity in Singapore. This originated from its name in the local dialect, “Ong Lai”, which literally means “Here comes the fortune!” That’s what the experience was all about as delegates were treated to unexpected moments of pineapple fun. 


The dinner reception delighted delegates with a larger-than-real-life 140kg pineapple sculpture made of (you’ve guessed it) pineapples and a pineapple mascot! The chefs specially tailored a menu to feature this legendary fruit in every dish, literally! Think Aromatic Prawns in Thai Spices, Pineapple Chutney for hors d’oeuvres, Slow-cooked Beef Cheek with Pepper and Dark Cocoa Butter Sauce, Pineapple Polenta for entrées, Baked Pineapple Cured Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Seafood Mousse for carving station and Salted Caramel Double Chocolate Gateau with Pineapple Crisps for desserts. (Just to name a few.) Yum!


Besides the forum, a trade-show style reception will be organised where participating hotels can present their respective properties and network with invited travel managers, meetings and events planners. Stay tuned for more photos!


View these pineapple moments captured in photos

Opening Night Dinner Reception

Client Trade Show